The monthly magazine Forbes has lavished high praise on the cuisine of Emilia Romagna. In fact, the periodical has devoted a significant amount of space to the Emilia Romagna region, declaring it to be the region« with the best food in the world». «If you ask an Italian where the best food is in Italy, you almost always get the same answer. «At my mother’s house! » But if you push it to a regional discussion…as I have hundreds of times…the most likely answer is…«Emilia-Romagna»the wondrous north-central region that lies in the fertile Po River Valley, » writes David Rosengarten.

Elisabetta and Massimo were born in Parma, in the heart of this unique region.


Increasingly, when you buy a product, after having been attracted by its appearance you examine it more rationally, turning the pack in order to take a closer look at the ingredients…….colourings, preservatives, seasoning, flavour enhancers and all the most unnatural things you could think of.

Naturellementpasta is the opposite of all this:

- preservation of the product is left to the temperature and not to chemical additives

- the colour of the products derives from the same colour that the ingredients had in their natural state, like the yellow of the egg, the red of the tomato or the green of the spinach

- the flavour and the aroma come from the quality of the ingredients and the skilful way they are used .

All this is Naturellementpasta, a way of perceiving filled pasta all’uovo, made to be natural and wholesome, nutritionally balanced and with a balance of flavours, traditional yet modern at the same time.

Naturellementpasta, a natural way to enjoy an honest product of the highest quality.

Naturellementpasta, a way of going to the restaurant without leaving home.